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Monday, September 28, 2015

Even Less Sugar: No News is No News

It's been a while since I've updated. I was waiting for a change in circumstance - his, mine, Audrey's, the weather.

Things have changed, I suppose ... the weather cooled off, and Audrey gets a ride to and from school until she can possibly navigate a bus trip again. My back went out a few days after I returned from the week-long hospital vigil, which effectively put me out of commission for almost two weeks (it's better now, although not back to "normal"). During that time they moved Ian to the step-down floor from the ICU.

  • He has a shunt placed, which is a permanent thing, and those scars are healing up.
  • He got a new helmet (the one he had before was ridiculously small and there was a bit of an uprising on that front. Squared away now).
  • His arm swelled; the PICC line stopped working, so they removed it and put one in his other arm. 
  • The carrot of "discharge to rehab" was dangled, followed immediately by some radical swings in white blood counts which stalled the move. They cannot account for the numbers, can't find a source of infection, and are loathe to send him off without either a diagnosis or an acceptable (but elusive) infection-free time period. He is now on week five of a mostly bed-ridden hospitalization.
  • He has two clots: one in his arm, one in his lung.
  • The staples were removed from his head.
  • He has phantom stomach pains.
  • He has recurring, nondescript, varying headaches. 
  • He receives antibiotics, steroids and blood thinners (along with another host of meds including stomach drugs to help the indigestion from the antibiotics? and sometimes insulin depending on his blood sugar count, which is affected by the steroids). 
  • He has a left-side tremor which seems to worsen after exertion, or when he feels cold (fever?), when he's trying to eat, or on days ending in Y. 
  • Oh, and he has a tumor in his head.

I think that about covers it.

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