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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trach Me With A Spoon

Update on the past few days:

Ian coughed his fool head off and because the wound had not closed fully underneath his trach, the sucker moved.  When they tried to suction it via catheter, they weren't able to get the tube to go down ... so checking for blockage, to make sure he was breathing, all this stuff ... moved him to a medical floor to watch him all night (Sun) till the ENT guy could take a look.  We were told he would be right back down to rehab in the morning, but then the "procedure" wasn't going to be till Tues (today) and so they cleared out his room (I knew once I hung those cards we'd get booted) and THEN they came bedside and shoved the thing around and it was fixed! but then we had to be re-admitted into rehab, meaning a "hurry up and wait call the insurance for clearance, Clarence," etc.  Gah!


Ian is now ensconced in rehab once again, with a fixed trach.  When he smiled at me today (actually, he was laughing at me, because I was fighting with a lounge chair), it looked like a genuine, full-face smile.  I'll take it.

If you want to send something, send it to:

(James) Ian Maize
UPMC Mercy
Floor 6E  Room 6004
1400 Locust Street
Pittsburgh PA 15219

March 29 2011

Brief update for those of you not following on facebook: they fixed his trach yesterday.  I haven't called yet or been in to find out if he's merrily walking down the halls or not - update(s) to follow.