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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Throwback Time: in honor of this time in our lives, 5 years ago.

Today and following, a brief look at the beginning of our "C" journey, five years ago.  This February 15th marks the 5-yr anniversary of Ian's tumor removal and successful recovery.  Despite the painful, sobering stats on paper, "we" have beat the 3-5 year life expectancy odds and enter into year six.  God is GOOD.


Friday, 10 February 2006

Wow.  So Monday I was posting that I was excited the Steelers won.

And on Tuesday we reeled at the news: Ian has a brain tumor.

It's amazing how you go along in life thinking everything is fine, and then all of a sudden it's not.

We've had a few days to digest.  Family and friends have mostly all been informed.  The more prayer the better!  We are making arrangements for family visits, Audrey care, and Ian's will and final directive.  We are keeping ourselves busy, doing things around the house we won't be able to do later, going and doing things when we feel like it, hugging.  I've had a few people say, "you sound ok?!"  How else am I gonna be?  How do I feel?  Like I should be hiding in my closet until it all goes away.  Like staring at a wall and not eating.  Like crying for hours at a time, with continually swollen eyes.  Like screaming at everything and everyone.

But the reality is, not only do none of those things achieve anything for us (and would of course make it worse), they are not necessary.  God is protecting us; he always has.  I have faith and at most times, peace.  It is convenient that Ian is the upbeat guy that he is; he makes me laugh when I'm feeling particularly melancholy.

Surgery is Wednesday.  We bid adieu to Frank around 10 am.  We get to the hospital at 6 and he won't be done with surgery probably until 4, but I think surgery should begin around 10.  So if you happen to be thinking about us Wednesday, please pray at 10.  Maybe set an alarm to do so.  You can pray for the surgeon, Tina Rodrigue's hands, for the family's peace, for God's wisdom in how to even FEEL about any of this.  And of course for a speedy recovery, pain-free post-op, etc.

I will update this post later today and include a picture or two.  Ian's brain is Fran, the tumor is Frank.  Fran is kicking Frank, the freeloading bastard, to the curb.


I can't help it; this last one looks like Terminator, doesn't it?  I think it's the eyes.