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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." ~Aristotle

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Steel Together

We got married today, eleven years ago on a BEAUtiful, clear and sunny day at Westminster College. We embarked on an adventure neither of us could have possibly imagined.

State College: August, no AC. New bed, the size of bedroom. Weird landlord, 3rd floor apt. Buy new car.

Florida: First Christmas away from folks. Drudgery of waiting for flight school. Lonliness. Cat. New couch. First plane! Dream becoming real. Chosen: E-2s. Census work! Law and Order! Cribbage in bed. Floribama, flying shrimp. Flight pattern around coffee table. Emergency Checklist review.

Texas: separated. Contested election! Ballet. Turtle slippers. Plane two.

Mississippi: Magnolias. Dut-hess. Goat cheese medallions. Walker Wedding. Turtle Crossing. Hickory Court: Hernandi Base, Maloux wine, Helmet Fire. Plane 3. Hudson's. Falling turtle shelf. Mississippi State Games. September 11. Winging. Carrier Qualifying. Basketball. Rollerblades.

Virginia: Slumlord. Barrista. New bed. Grief. SERE school. Renewal. McCrilli Base. Plane 4. EGP. Deployment. Birth. Colic. Back pain. COnfusion. Mentors. Mommy Group. Grace. Solidity. First house. Nanny. Scrapbooking. Hurricane Isabel. First Squadron. DMB, Greg Brown, James Taylor. Drywall. Cancer. Shock. Birth. Joy. Seizure. Send-off.

Pennsylvania: Home. Retire. Last New House. Life's work. Old place, new peeps. Fresh start, still carrying on.

So, yeah. We're Steel Together. You're Steel the One. Happy 11th (Traditional: Steel) anniversary. I love you.