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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ultimate Reset Day 11: Misc. Thoughts


  • Cumin is still my favorite seasoning. Yum. 
  • Avocado with a spoon. Also yum.
  • I wouldn't want to do the Reset in the winter. Have I mentioned this? The gorgeous freshness of the farmer's market so far surpasses paltry grocery store produce ... I can't imagine eating all these tomato dishes and salads with pasty, rock-hard "tomatoes."  Blick.
  • I wouldn't want to do the Reset in the winter. I would have a hard time not having tea/warm beverages in the morning and throughout the day. The soups would be nice but the salads (quinoa-based, lettuce based, cucumber based) would also not be as pleasant on a cold day.
  • I'm content to purchase my miso soup at a restaurant. 
  • I am still looking forward to crackers. But not so much that I'd break the plan to have one. 
  • Also: I do not miss cleaning CHEESE (cooked, baked) off of things.

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