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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." ~Aristotle

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Friday, April 19, 2013


Five Minute Friday: JUMP

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Look before you leap? I've considered myself one of those folks ... who weigh the situation. Put a toe in. Carefully consider. And those are good things. Wouldn't want to go off (is the expression half-cocked? origin?). Perhaps I have some pride in this aspect of my personality.

However for the past month or so, while struggling with depression, I've chosen to JUMP into a few things, all at once, no reservations or negative self-talk, no "what ifs." Just JUMP.

1. I've chosen to jump into a Beach Body exercise and fitness plan. The pack of stuffs should arrive early next week. I've also chosen public accountability for this journey.

2. I've committed to learning to ride my bike this year; again, a public declaration. I've had folks offer to help me learn! and for that I'm grateful, although I doubt they know what they're getting into :) I'm a tough case when it comes to wheels... it's a LONG WAY DOWN when you're old!!

3. I've jumped with both feet into Early to Rise ... which is a book, a mindset, a new way to be. I've bounced after the initial jump ... sleeping in, getting up early only to fall back asleep on the couch ... but still the rewards have been many-fold and I'm encouraged by the new way of "doing my days."

4. there are a few other "private jumps" I've made or am making ... the only thing I need to say about them is that they are related to changes I know I need to make. Making my stated priorities match up with my actual days.

As I jump into this next season, which includes some physical fitness, I also hope to be able to jump ... as in get my butt into the air, with a lighter step and a bit more ease.

And also, just because it's in my head: JUMP! 21 Jump Street, Jump for My Love, and Jump Around. Some earworms for you today.



  1. I really related to this post. I am in a similar season of life.

  2. Great post. Here is wishing you many grand jumps in life.

  3. Woo hoo!!!!!
    Glad to jump with you.

  4. Sometimes our one "jump" makes other jumps easier. It's that first one that takes the most trust. Celebrating your jumps with you!

  5. "half-cocked" -- like a pistol? not quite ready to be fired? just a guess. proud of your courage to JUMP! :-)