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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome, Fall. Hello, y'all!

It's a dream job, really.

Let me back up ... in my last post, I implied that all kinds of things were changing this fall - three in school, me with potential employment.

I applied to be the church secretary. It seemed like a natural fit; my strengths, hours during which the kids would be in school ... a church I love.

Alas, it was not meant to be.

The former librarian at the church became the new secretary. And after a bit of moping and huffing, I got over it (truly, she's a wonderful lady and doing a fabulous job!!) and found my obvious calling:

Church Librarian.

You can go ahead and picture me with the glasses in front of a stained glass window, a la Dana Carvey.  It's not too far off, although my glasses aren't pointy and I'm rarely in polyester. Oh, and I don't give folks a hard time. Well, mostly.

Anyway, it's not a paid gig, but it's a dream job nonetheless. I am tasked with single-handedly revitalizing the church library - top to bottom, from the contents of the collection to the categorization and display. Are you smiling and nodding? Can you sense how geeked out I am over this?

Isn't that SPECIAL?

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