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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fall-y Fall Fall

And so it begins ...

Happy Almost-Fall, everyone (I know, according to the calendar, we have quite a while till it's official... but this Mamma has all the lunch box and school supplies purchased; therefore = fall.

Just an update on the Maize household for those of you DYING to know what's going on (ha).

1. Ezra goes to "big school" this year - Kindergarten. When people ask if he's "excited to go to school," he answers yes ... his eyes twinkling about all the playground time he'll be getting. Who knows what he thinks about the rest of it ... what I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall in that classroom! My little man! He's been into legos and dirt this summer, as a good boy should.

2. Audrey goes back to public school this year (after a brief hiatus of cyberschool last spring), 2nd grade. She's terribly excited at the prospect, as she has always loved school. She also gained a mouth full of metal this month by way of braces and an expander. She's finally adept at navigating non-noodle-based foods and pronouncing "th" words :) Progress.

3. Ian, the retired Navy pilot, brain cancer survivor and "stroke" survivor, has decided to mix it up in earnest. This Saturday he and Audrey will run a 5K race here in town. Go ahead, take a deep breath and read that again. We were here, and now ... we're not. Praise God.

Also in the interest of constructing an elaborate Maize Maze, Ian has been accepted to Trinity School for Ministry (aka: seminary) and will begin full-time course work in the fall. Where his Master of Divinity will lead, only God knows; what we DO know is He has been directing Ian on this path for quite some time ... it just took a few brain surgeries to bring him around to obedience ;) His call-sign is "Rev;" soon that wil be more than a military nickname.

4. Rachel: well, keeping up with the rest of the family has been some work :) I have a few other projects "in the hopper," as it were, including MOPS, various other church committees, and potential employment ... but we'll save all that for a different post!

As always, God has blessed us in amazing ways, and continues to show His patience and mercy when we crash and burn. I am humbled by His provision and this seemingly Fresh Start; I pray He blesses you in a similar way this year.

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