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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Letting the Cat Out of the Bag

It's always an adventure here at Maize, Inc.

This week, our new adventure: Cyber School.

In a flurry of tough decisions and amazingly smooth transition, we signed Audrey up for cyber school.

What does this mean??

I have no idea. All I know is that our way was paved. Paved, with a personal invitation, an escort, and a champagne to sip along the way.

Ok, that's an exaggeration. I cried (I love her school, she'll miss her friends, I don't want to make it seem like I'm anti her school, or public school, or her teacher ... nothing!!  I plan to send Ezra next year - and even Audrey, if that's what will work for her, us, etc).


We made the leap. There's not much to say about it other than we're giving it a shot; I only know a little about the program through friends who are involved. I plan to post updates about how we're doing, but not to fear; this is not going to veer into HomeSchoolMammaBlog.  

I post this because it's not a "secret" - but there's no good way to tell people. Honestly the answer to "why??" is "Just Because." It really is. It seems to make sense. It seems to be a good fit. It seems to coincide with our goals as a a family and for Audrey specifically. It's about Doing, not Being. It's also about cyber, and not NOT public school. Make sense? 

Note: mid year? Yes. We went this route so we could give it a try before a whole new year. Because finding out mid-year that it's NOT a good fit and sending her into a new classroom with students already "bonded" and on with their year sounds like a BAD idea. This means I am completely open to the possibility this is NOT the right fit and she'll be returning. Keeping nearly EVERY option open, even the possibility of sending her back THIS year. Just ... we need to try this, so we are. The end.


  1. I adore you. Seriously. Loved talking through this with you yesterday. Glad we didn't get kicked out of yama . . . for, well, just sitting there.

  2. I will be praying. WE LOVE the decision to pull Eleri out mid year and bring her home this year and are planning to do it with all three for next year. You said it so beautifully about goals and fit for family and child etc. What are you using? I am looking into a cyber program for next year. Hugs!

    1. Joanna, Pennsylvania has a great (developed) program called PA Cyber. So it's a "standardized" curriculum based on the K12 model ... that's edu-crat speak for "the basics, plus whatever you want to add, at whatever pace you like, provided you do at least X."