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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cyber School Update

So a few have asked "how things are going" with Cyberschool ... I can't answer that :)

We received our materials but not the computer yet, so we're doing our own thing (Monday that involved discussing different Bible translations and translating the "Dude" Budweiser commercial and talking about body language/non-verbal communication, how dolphins communicate using a system of "keys" and how they communicate differently than other animals and in what way.  Also, she rocked the "helicopter" breakdance move, after checking out a YouTube video.)

I anticipate receiving the computer and scanner tomorrow and jumping in - tonight I'm getting a handle on where we'll start in the current module and get my lesson plan book in order.  Awesome!


  1. Do cyberschoolers have to keep logs and portfolios and get evaluations and such like other homeschoolers or is that taken care of in the program? I can see you actually enjoying those things :) My mom did, as much as she complained about it, it is satisfying for an OCD homeschooling mom.

    1. It's a little different because there is more regular connection via logging in and participating in online evaluations, scanning in completed work... So there is no portfolio to coagulate (but I will be doing so, for me.)