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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Even Less Sugar: A Graceful Goodbye

It’s been almost two months since Ian’s memorial service. I’ve tried several times to post about the beauty of the day and what it meant to me and my family … but I have come up short. Instead, here are some photos of the grave-side military honors, followed by a link to the service itself.

What you WON’T see is the way my kids carried themselves, culminating in each of them getting up at the reception to speak in front of hundreds of people about their dad. MY KIDS ARE AMAZING.

photo credits Greg Pelka


  1. Oh my,I'm sitting here all by myself, not only crying for what happened, but for the amazing grief of it all.....all the prayers that were said for so long...not wasted, just ending up affirmations that this was God's will. But my tears are mostly for all of you, his family. And how brave your children were; because they have been taught how to be, and because they believe in their mother and the rest of their family to still help them to be all right in life. It makes me wish I could lay a huge blanket of comfort over all of you.

  2. Words fail me. Still praying for you all every day.