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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ultimate Reset: The Prep Phase

"Ok, so what is it again you're doing?" (I've already been asked a few times - so here's the answer.)

The program is called Ultimate Reset. The company is Beachbody.

Yup, Beachbody -- those late-night commercials of folks dropping hundreds of pounds and being rewarded financially to do so! (and also the makers of Shakeology, which I love, and such unassumingly-named exercise programs as "Insanity," "ChaLEAN Extreme" and "Turbo Fire") -- that's them.

"Is it one of those fad, 'cleanse' things?"

The short answer: no.

The longer answer: There are some important differences from the "eat only grapefruit/cabbage/chicken soup diets":

  1. While a participant may indeed lose weight on the program, that is not the goal/purpose. 
  2. In direct contrast to "deprivation" diets, the eating program provides a wealth of carefully selected recipes and (for some) new flavors. It's ADDING food, in place of poor choices. I've purchased miso paste, nori, and I can't wait to try the lentil-lime concoction!  
  3. The program's COST is largely due to the select supplements provided. The above photo does not depict fancily-packaged laxatives :) 
  4. While the concept of "reset" or "detox" may be considered a "fad" to some, I have witnessed first hand the lasting dietary changes and health benefits of the 21-day program. Again, if this were labeled, "Lose 20 lbs in just 10 days!" or "Cleanse the Colon..." Uh, no thanks.
  5. Anything that sends me to the farmer's market for 90% of the week's food is a good thing! :) 
  6. Support: Beachbody stands behind their products. When purchasing from a coach, you are linked up with experts in the program, other participants in the same phase, etc. You are part of a community (online and otherwise) of fellow travelers. Even if no one else in my STATE is doing the Ultimate Reset, I can connect every day with someone who is. 
So ... that's a brief view of the program. Twenty-one days, a menu plan to follow (which notably removes dairy and meat from the diet, while replacing it with nutrient-rich fruits, veggies, legumes, seeds and nuts), supplements to ingest, and an overall emphasis of self-care and hydration. 
  • Who: me. Also, Ian! Yipee!
  • What: see above
  • When: Starting this Monday Wednesday.
  • Where: meals will be eaten at home whenever possible. If you see me carting a salad to "Donut Day" you'll know why.
  • Why: Aha! 
So we've hopefully already established it's not about the weight. I've actually managed to accomplish a respectable weight loss by drinking Shakeology and making better choices with the rest of my meals. (note: it's way easier to drink a cold, frothy, ice-cream-like shake in the HOT months. Talk to me in December!)

Ever feel like you just need a do-over? I have the feeling it's why people are drawn to vacations -- a break, a change, a ... well, a reset. That's the general idea. Only I have no desire to head anywhere else. School is gearing up and I'm preparing to buckle down ... If it's possible to clear the brain fuzz, sleep better, tackle anxiety, increase energy, prevent illness and disease, etc, etc by making dietary changes, I'm in. (and so is Ian!).

I'm posting this to 1. answer questions and 2. journal the journey. If you have zero interest in this endeavor, skip posts in the coming month with "UR" in the title ;) Cheers!

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