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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." ~Aristotle

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My grandmother and grandfather asked me on Sunday, genuinely interested:

"What have you been doing lately?"

I sat in awkward silence, my mind a blank.

What HAVE I been doing? and what does it mean that I can't bring any of it to mind?

1. I've been making t-shirts into bags, and linen clothes into dish cloths. Because I can.
2. I've been encouraging Audrey to put the finishing touches on her 1st grade cyber-school work.
3. I've attended meetings (church, mostly) and end-of-the year gatherings.
4. I've been nearly-full-time referee for the kids. (is it fall again yet?)
5. One weekend in May I broke my own record for number of scrapbook pages completed in 3 days (my family vacated, I rose early and stayed up late. Had Ramen for dinner. And it was good.)
6. I'm preparing to lead a 10-week Bible study this summer.
7. I edit, when the work comes bopping into my computer.
8. I make detailed shopping lists for Ian (pictures, categories, etc) and revel in his enjoyment of shopping.
9. I've cheered on Audrey, aka "Bruiser" and her rag-tag Lady Bobcats on the softball field (and washed the uniform).
10. I've shouted at Ezra (aka Pigpen?) to stop making dirt-angels in the infield at Tball (and given up on THAT uniform).
11. and worked the concession stand.
12. and gone to family camp
13. and welcomed the new neighbors
14. and read a few books, paper, kindle and audio
15. laundry, dishes, litterbox, vacuuming ... whenever the mood strikes ;)
16. isn't that enough?

Anyway, still here, still adventuring through life. I write the blog posts in my head but they never seem to flow from these fingers. Perhaps soon ...

So until then, I leave you with a few fun pics:

Ezra. Done with Preschool.
Ian. Zipline. Yup.

Audrey. Jock.

Rachel: patiently trying to repair Boggle. Not.

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