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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cyber School Update

Just a brief note - things are going well in Mrs. Maize's classroom. Audrey has taken to the things which interest her and we're able to use those to accentuate the basics (writing skills, word problems, whatever).  She's particularly interested in all kinds of research ... the latest topics have been Minnesota, Japan, rock types, the civil rights movement and insects. One of the most fun components is the Personal Dictionary - the course instructs us to add vocab words to it corresponding to the topics we discuss (erosion, peninsula, igneous, mayor), but as her interests branch out and she asks more questions, she's adding to her dictionary like mad, perfecting her dictionary use skills (we have one that weighs more than her). I love the blooming curiosity.  I love that I get to witness the excitement. Some days are not as much "fun," and that's ok ... we manage!

Anyway, more detailed info later; I need to get back to schoolin'!

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