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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Sixth Anniversary, to Ian ...

Last year at this time, I was soliciting letters of support for Ian, to celebrate his five years cancer free. Sort of an artificial attaboy from friends and family. We got a few letters (I won't lie - I was disappointed with the meager response). But even as we were celebrating (I bought a commemorative plant for the sanctuary), we sensed an impending damper on our triumph.

I went on a church retreat and spent a great deal of time calling out to God, pleading: "God, he's such a good man. He has such a witness. Please don't take him from us. Please don't take him from his kids!!" And yet, the tingling and numbness in his right side grew stronger.

No need to rehash - you can get into the Wayback Machine here.

What happened in response to that March 2011 "incident," however, was heartfelt, genuine, urgent and immediate. Care and love and support from all sides of the GLOBE. Letters and cards? Sure! But prayers and food and visits and rides.

God didn't spare us the pain and trauma. But He DID see us through. He used us in the lives of others, some we will never meet or know, and for that we are honored.

A year later - what can I say? We're here. Ian's with us. He is healthy other than his affectations/limitations. We are incredibly grateful for the year, the blessings, the lessons. And the miracle.

Happy February 15th = Ian's Sixth year, cancer free.  Amen.

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