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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ok ,Ok, update time!

My apologies to all our loyal fans; I haven't updated in a bit.

This is today:

We're gonna call it "resting comfortably."  He's gone nearly 2 hours now without coughing ONCE.  His body is resting, his throat and lungs and whatnot are cooperating.  Yay!

Today was a therapy day (he has 6/7 days therapy; Sat was his day off this week).  He did some swallowing attempts - I would call his success rate about 50% there (watching someone learn how to swallow is EXCRUCIATING, at least for me).  He lets an ice chip melt in his mouth, then allows it to gradually go into his throat and trigger the swallowing mechanism.  He has to concentrate on breathing through his nose while doing so, and that whole "not going down the wrong pipe" thing.  But in the midst of that therapy, he got a shout-out from the peeps, which made his DAY.

Next was occupational therapy where he put things together using pvc pipe and joints to mimic shapes on a printout.  Then he played solitaire (no, really - coordination, grasping, etc.  It's therapy!).  Then it was off to PT where they had him doing laps (no, really; three walks around the wing, two without an oxygen hookup).  

This was a short day; usually he will do that much, then have a break, then hit it again till around 3, but today he was done at 11. Tomorrow, apparently, will be grueling.

I have to say this over and over, but thank you SO much to ... all of you.  Just reading this means you care, which means so much.  The generosity and kindness of everyone of our friends, family, community and church body has been overwhelming.  We are SO blessed.

Today will be the first time the kids will see Ian in rehab ... the last time they saw him he doesn't really remember seeing them, so I am looking forward to this reunion.  Other than that ... not much to report.  Each day the same and different.  Forward motion (no steps back since the trach incident).  

This was him the other day: 
goofy smile but a smile nonetheless:

FYI Renz and Tucker: he's in the pack and play here:

This is where they put you if you're a bad boy and try to get to the potty on your own at night.
He asked nicely and now he's allowed to sleep in a big-boy bed.
Please, if you want to know something, ask away.  I have time, when at the hospital at least, to answer emails and (sometimes) update the blog.


  1. thanks for the update, Rachel! Praying that Ian continues to do well with his recovery!



  2. OK the therapist in me needs to he walking with any device and have they had him on a therapy ball yet?
    Thanks for the updates. Will update prayers accordingly!
    Love to you,