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Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day

And nearly as beautiful in here.

If yesterday's events were caused by a virus, today the virus recedes.  Slowly.  No fever to speak of, still weak and tired but not wiped out like yesterday.  On the whole, much less snot coming out.  Today's menu included jello and an ensure.  Progress!

A showered Ian is now resting up for physical therapy at 3.

In case you missed yesterday - the MRI is "clear" and showed nothing to be concerned about.  Yes, he still has tingling in his left side, but his foot is better than it was.  It's possible his hand is, too, slightly, but he can't really tell.  His walking today was NOT off balance, but I would say he was lacking in some control of the right side, and looked dizzy/weak as opposed to numb with no center of gravity.  Translation: walk=good.  Sick=bad.  Tomorrow=less sick + more walk + some food.  Progress.

Prayers: sleep.  Poor bugger gets very little contiguous shuteye.  I spent the night last night and I would say he MIGHT have gone an hour without coughing... and when I say coughing, it's not the kind you fall back asleep immediately after.  It's snot-spewing choke-like hacking.  Phooey.

If it's a virus, that it's packed its bags.  We need another setback in rehab like, well, a(nother) hole in the head.

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