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Monday, March 28, 2011

Update and FYIs

1. This Blog is called No Sugar because I tend to "shoot from the hip," as it were.  A friend helped me name it.  Unfortunately the web address has to be hold-the-sugar because some weirdo already has a blog at "nosugarblogspot" so there you go.

2. If you are not on facebook and want to get an email as soon as I post something new here, scroll down on this page and to the right you will see a white box where you can enter your email.  You will have to enter a "funny word" to verify you're not a spammer and then you will get a confirmation email you will have to click on ... and that's it.

3. At the beginning of the year I took out my "Book of Useless Information" and entered all the fun ones.  They are scheduled to post once a week; I'm not scouring the net for weird facts while at the hospital (sorry, Emily, my secret's out).


Well it was supposed to be another full week of therapy.  Ian is getting stronger on that front and despite his incredible weight-loss program (down 50 lbs, last count), his color is good, his limbs get stronger, his ability to communicate is good.

However last night one big cough and subsequent suction dislocated his trach.  We don't know yet to what extent; he still breathes just fine, but I don't think much is coming from the trach but instead from the ... well, gaping flesh hole underneath it, in his neck.  Sorry - it's gruesome.  So all that to say, we are now waiting for them to tell us when they will take him into surgery, check everything out, reinsert if necessary, possibly address the "wound" by stitches? or something.

Sorry I can't give any more info- we don't have it.  But other than probably being annoyed he can't go for more strolls down the hall today, Ian is doing fine.  He did share with me yesterday that he's worried about the future... we didn't go into detail there but I would imagine it runs along the lines of, "what will I be able to do, not do, will I go back to work or sit at home and sulk, what will that look like, etc."  So your prayers for his neck and head are very much appreciated.

Also, I want to point out that his current condition has NOTHING TO DO WITH BRIAN FIFE OR ANY OF HIS AFFILIATES.  lol.


  1. Jeremiah 29:11 Rachel!!!! MAKE A POSTER AND PUT IT IN FRONT OF HIS BED!!!!! Praying for you all!!! Worry is not for us to be concerned with, give it to God!!!

  2. Rachel, Ian, you and the kids are in my continued prayers! Love Heike