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Friday, March 25, 2011

March 25 2011

I can't believe it's been a week of rehab already.  Today was a big day; trach downsized again, feeding tube installed into stomach instead of nose (woohoo!) and a fabulous accommodating haircut via our neighbor, Karen.  Awesome.  (I am NOT attempting a shave with that trach in place!)

Today was hard work; same drill with all the therapies.  In speech she asked him to name as many words that start with "M" as he could in a minute.  His words included "mitochondria" and "myriad."  Of course they did.  No cognitive difficulties here.  

In just a day his balance has improved.  He's far from walking on his own, but he finds his "center" more readily.  That right foot will NOT cooperate so it takes quite a bit of effort to flop its size 13 self where it needs to be.  But he is determined and pushed himself quite a bit today.  

Tomorrow: rinse, repeat.  Sunday he gets a sabbath! and Monday back at it again.  

They are focused on getting his trach out.  I have mixed feelings about that, but I suppose since he does have a strong cough, he'll be able to get rid of the crud still in his throat.  (true love is suctioning cupfuls of snot out of your husband's neck-hole while chewing a mouthful of trailmix.)  Anyway, so ... swallowing is still a high priority, for all of us.  Today he coughed a bunch up into his mouth (and made a TERRIBLE face), which means he's pushing that hard, which is great.  So I'm encouraged and I hope he is, too.  

Many thanks to everyone who has called, emailed, txtd, posted, mailed, cooked, kid-wrangled, etc for us.  
I can't believe we're approaching week 4 and I've hardly had to concern myself with the "home front" at all.  Blessed!

I hung the cards, we've got balloons.  Visiting is limited because of his busy schedule, but I'm sure tangible forms of encouragement are/will be appreciated.  He's got at least another full week here, probably more.

Ian -swallowing.  that would be nice.  did you try that exercise yesterday?  difficult, eh?
overall strength: breathing and swallowing and speaking go hand-in-hand with overall strength and muscle use.  Incredible how the body sustains its parts via other parts.
Peace and fortitude.  
Rachel - self-care.  Starting to experience physical symptoms of prolonged stress.  Need physical and mental rest.  Alertness for the drives back and forth, safety.  Wisdom for when to ask questions, when to sit back and listen.
Kiddos -  what to say here?  protection, comfort, assurance that God has His hand on Daddy and we can be confident in His plan.

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  1. Rachel, it is good to hear your fun sarcasm come through in this post! You are stronger - both mentally and spiritually. You remind me to not get so upset at my daily little battles b/c all of them combined come no where close to whiney worthy. Your updates are a humbling reminder to me… and yes, it almost hurt to swallow without closing my mouth! The Lord's hand is surely on Ian. We are praying for healing, comfort, less stress and of course - breathing and swallowing!