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Monday, October 11, 2010

I Love This: Bac-Out

We have our share of mammal-based icky messes in this house.

Granted, we are done with diapers and have one cat, who is pretty fastidious.  Still, as any homemaker knows, bodily functions still happen.

This is why my short list of  household cleaners (vinegar, baking soda, Dawn detergent) must include this stuff:

(*if you are eating, please come back later*)

My daughter's issues with withholding and diarrhea.  Adventures in potty training.  My cat's urinary tract infection.  My husband's stubborn refusal to take anti-nausea meds.  My sleep-induced drool puddles.  Shoes that have to be set outside to "breathe."   The perpetual ring of pee around the toilet pedestal.  The litterbox.

Bac-Out is enzyme based*; it neutralizes odors on contact.  It comes in different concentrations and forms (drain cleaner, laundry and dish detergent) but I have found the basic stuff to work for all things - I add it to laundry, use it straight on some of the above offenses, diluted for others.  Newly added scents do not impress me (I'm not a fan of lavender); I prefer the original slightly-citrus scent.

The entire line is available at  If you can find it elsewhere online, please leave me a comment.  If you happen to live near me, you can get it here.

*Ingredients: Enzyme Cultures (Natural), Lime Extract (Food Grade), Food Grade Stabilizers, Vegetable Based Surfactants, Spring Water (Filtered)

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